Medical and Scientific expertise within the preanalytical phase of laboratory diagnostics

We drive excellence in the adoption of best practices
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Our specialists are committed to delivering superior services tailored to the individual needs of each client. From the development of customized solutions to a diverse array of consulting and training programs, we are dedicated to ensuring optimal outcomes. Our services span evaluation programs for specimen processing, medical writing, proofreading of medical and marketing documents, as well as comprehensive lecturing and practical workshops.

Dedicated team of experts
years of experience

healthcare workers trained

quality assessment programs

30 years of expirience
250 auality assessment programs
5000 healthcare workers trained
Evaluation, Analysis and Recommendations
Training, Workshops and Lecturing
Extensive Medical and Scientific Information
extensive medical and scientific information
Evaluation, analysis and recommendations
training, workshops and lecturing
deep evaluations of specimen processing
We conduct in-depth evaluations of specimen processing using our Current Practice Assessment Tool (CPAT). This approach aims to continuously enhance specimen quality, refine treatment outcomes, reduce complications, and lower costs.

Based on CPAT results and international standards, we provide detailed analyses of current practices and offer customized recommendations to support accreditation to the ISO 15189.
practical training and workshops
We offer practical training and workshops covering various aspects within the preanalytical phase of laboratory diagnostics.
Our training includes comprehensive guidance on sample workflow, patient preparation, specimen collection, processing, and storage/transportation.
We also provide education on Healthcare Workers Safety and Needle Stick injury prevention.
pofessional trainings
laboratory diagnostics
Our support extends to laboratory diagnostics, offering medical strategies, writing services, document proofreading, and the development of promotional materials.

We specialize in creating and validating promotional and non-promotional materials, including Point of Sale (PoS) materials, and are available for Ad Hoc projects to meet our clients' evolving needs.
medical science service
Current Practice Assessment Tool (CPAT)

The cutting-edge medical consulting instrument developed based on relevant international standards such as CLSI, INS, ISO 15189, and WHO. It takes the form of a questionnaire with an integrated automatic scoring system, enabling:

Analysis of findings
Observation of current practices
Identification of strong and weak areas
Identification of strong and weak areas
Observation of current practices
Analysis of findings
Preparation of recommendations
Preparation of recommendations
* an example of the Current Practice Assessment tool (CPAT) for venous blood specimen collection.
CPAT number1
CPAT number2
CPAT number3
Arterial blood specimen collection
Capillary blood specimen collection
Urine specimen collection
Healthcare Workers Safety & Needlestick Injuries Prevention
Handling, Processing, and Transportation of Biological Specimens
We also offer a range of other CPATs tailored to various aspects of healthcare:
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