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MedNAIS™ Hub
is here to revolutionize the way medical professionals gather and handle samples, ensuring that every step is performed correctly, every time.
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venous blood
Сapillary blood
arterial blood gas
Sample Transportation
Venous blood
Сapillary blood
Sample Transportation
MedNAIS™ Hub brings the most up-to-date medical guidelines for various sample types right to your fingertips.
Easy access
Easy Access
Whether you’re in a clinic, a lab, or on the go, MedNAIS™ Hub ensures that vital information is always within reach.

Streamlined Process
Streamlined process
MedNAIS™ Hub reduces the need to consult multiple sources or memorize procedures, saving time and reducing errors.
hands-free operation
Hands-Free Operation
Designed with the medical professional in mind, the gesture control feature prevents contamination and promotes a more hygienic workflow.
up-to-date information
Up-to-Date Information
MedNAIS™ Hub is regularly updated to reflect the latest in medical research and sample collection techniques.
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MedNAIS™ Hub
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