Our company

We are revolutionizing the preanalytical phase of laboratory diagnostics. Our goal is to establish benchmark standards in this critical sector, driven by expertise in preanalytics, cutting-edge technologies and our passion.

Our team, rich in medical and scientific knowledge specific to the preanalytical phase, is dedicated to upholding best practices. Committed to excellence we are delivering superior services tailored to the individual needs of each client. From the development of customized solutions to a diverse array of consulting and training programs, we are dedicated to ensuring optimal outcomes.

MedNAIS™Hub is an iOS and Android App with repository of sample collection protocols transformed into easy-to-follow step-by-step guides accessible right on your smartphone or MedNAIS™ Smartwatch. This integration turns your smartwatch into a preanalytical phase analyzer. Digitize preanalytical processes at their point of origin—in the sampling room.

Additionally, MedNAIS™Logger advanced solution for sample transportation coupled with an automatic online notification system to ensure immediate actions to save the samples. This ensures immediate action in case of non-compliance with transportation standards, guaranteeing the integrity of every sample.

At SAMPLIFY FZCO, we are not just creating products; we are setting new benchmarks in laboratory diagnostics. Join us in our journey to redefine preanalytical excellence.

optimizing laboratory sample transportation
Team members
The team at SAMPLIFY FZCO is a dynamic and passionate group of professionals, dedicated to transforming the preanalytical phase of laboratory diagnostics. Our team is composed of experienced specialists in medical technology, software development, and healthcare. With a deep understanding of laboratory processes and a commitment to innovation, our team combines technical expertise with a practical approach to solving real-world challenges.
At the heart of SAMPLIFY FZCO, our team's collaborative spirit and drive for excellence are the key factors in developing groundbreaking solutions like MedNAIS and our comprehensive mobile applications. Each team member contributes to our mission of setting new standards in laboratory diagnostics, ensuring quality and efficiency in every step.